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Buy melamine tableware to recognize the signs of "QS"
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Bowl is our daily life must be in contact with the vessel, but very few people thought that such a day we can not do without the items, and sometimes not safe. A dark red recently, Shandong Jinan people online shopping of high imitation porcelain bowl, will cook porridge Sheng into the bowl, white porridge unexpectedly turns pink. For a time, whether the melamine tableware health become the focus of attention of the public.

The same is the melamine tableware price disparity

On November 18, the reporter saw in the East China Sea Avenue, a supermarket, price of the ordinary Imitation Ceramic tableware mostly in 8 yuan to 15 yuan between, individual 30 yuan. The reporter casually picked up a porcelain plate, the overall smooth touch, a sense of porcelain. "Pure melamine resin manufacturing, high cost, the price will increase." The supermarket staff, pure melamine resin manufacturing melamine tableware of high temperature resistance, no cracking, no smell, not easy to damage.

Staff told reporters that come to buy melamine tableware are mostly young parents, because of not afraid of hot, and resistance to fall, style and more, children like. "Restaurants to use imitation porcelain bowl should be bought from other places, high price of supermarket Imitation Ceramic tableware, were not popular."

Reporters found on the Internet search, the same type of imitation porcelain bowl the price with the supermarket differ, one-third of the price is only the former or one quarter, the seller also claimed that manufacturing is a pure melamine resin. One seller said, his bowls are basically imitation wholesale, retail accounted for only a small part.

Consumers pay attention to practical, ignore the material

In a supermarket, the reporter met Ms. Ni to purchase melamine tableware. "Home baby began to learn to eat their own, ordinary bowl can easily be baby to throw to the ground broken, both dangerous and waste." She is going to buy a few porcelain bowl and spoon for children.