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New star ship exhibition information
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Our invited to 2018.11.13-11.15 in in Amsterdam RAI (RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands held 2015MARINE equipment trade show (referred to as: Mets exhibition, the number is  05-568.

Scope: marine hardware, building hardware, yachts and marine hardware accessories, machinery and hardware, medical accessories and all kinds of casting products supporting the mechanical processing of finished products.

Every year our international trade department staff will go to participate in the exhibition, exhibition exhibits surface quality and the degree of precision obtained visitors audience of in-depth understanding and comments from the stop. Some customers on the spot for the company's sample production requirements, have reached a cooperation intention after the meeting.

Market: in the country The Belt and Road policy under the guidance of our yacht marine hardware products export is more optimistic about the prospects of our products, the price of casting and the independent brand of R & D and production capacity, will continue to maintain relatively fast growth rate, at present, our products have more than ten items of national patent applications, we will through this exhibition our products to the international market more, will welcome friends from all walks of life to come to our booth to discuss cooperation.