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The great leap forward of China's yachting industry
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From April 14 to 17, the 16th China International Ship and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and the 2011 China (Shanghai) International Yacht Exhibition, the largest and longest-held leisure boat event in Asia, were held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
According to the organizers, there will be more than 400 domestic and foreign brands from 20 countries and regions to Shanghai, and this year the number of live ships will exceed 300, nearly 20% more than last year.
"Their goal is very clear, that is, targeting the Chinese market." Yang Xinxin, chairman of China Shipping Industry Association and vice chairman and Secretary General of Shanghai Shipping Industry Association, said.
"The per capita GDP of the developed coastal areas in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim has exceeded 8000 US dollars. According to international practice, China's yacht industry will usher in a stage of rapid development." Yang Xinfa said.
The yacht industry has been described as "business opportunities floating on the golden waterway". China's yacht industry started in the 1950s, but its development was slow until the beginning of this century, according to a report published by the Shanghai Shipping Industry Association and the Shipping Branch of the China Shipping Industry Association. With the acceleration of the past decade, there are more than 360 FRP boat manufacturers in China, of which there are more than 80 yacht manufacturers, 61 registered yacht clubs in all parts of the country, and 64 cities in 17 provinces have begun yacht industry planning and dock clubs construction.
Guohai Securities in the yacht industry evaluation report pointed out that the yacht industry is a long chain of industry, from design and manufacture to consumption, maintenance and after-sales service, and yacht consumption is an important part of the revitalization of the entire industry chain.
It is worth noting that overseas manufacturing has a tendency to shift to China. For example, earlier this year Qingdao Vertical Vehicle and Ship Industrial Development Co., Ltd. bought CNL, an Italian brand, for 13.1 million euros.