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The great leap forward of China's yachting industry
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According to Yang Xin, many foreign brands have transferred small-sized yacht manufacturing to China, and listed yacht companies such as Sun Bird and Shanghai Jiahao also have plans to introduce foreign production lines.
Bai Qisheng, chairman of the Thousand Island Lake Sunshine Yacht, even predicted: "Within five years, the UK's yacht industry will probably disappear and move to other countries with lower labor costs, just as the local clothing industry has traveled."
But resistance is not not. Some soft obstacles have brought friction to China's yachting industry.
Among them, the main obstacle is policy management. According to reports, in Western countries, yacht management is quite loose, yacht can sail arbitrarily in the domestic sea area, across the state province, there is no artificial barrier. However, China's waterways mainly deviate from commercial transportation, loading and unloading of cargo and do not take into account the development of the yacht industry in sports, leisure and entertainment, which also leads to the absence of relatively independent and scientific yacht management laws and regulations, hindering the development of the yacht industry.
Yang Xinxin said that there are still many difficulties in infrastructure construction, driver's license training and examination, and standardized inspection for the development of the yacht industry, and looked forward to national policy and financial support.
The good news is that in July 2010, the State Council promulgated the "Implementation of the State Council's Opinion on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Key Work Division Program" will clearly designate the yacht industry as a national key support project. The Interim Regulation of Customs on Inbound and Outbound Yachts and Goods Carried by Hainan Province, which is "tailor-made" for Hainan's construction of an international tourist island, will be implemented on April 15 this year, which also provides a reference for other provinces and cities.
While making the "12th Five-Year plan" opportunity, many coastal provinces and cities have put yachts in the key agenda.