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China's yacht industry is optimistic about the future market.
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Yacht supporting facilities are generally customized according to the needs of the yacht owners, especially small and medium-sized yachts, and commonly referred to as the yacht supporting facilities are generally designed with the function of the yacht supporting facilities. Yachts vary according to their types and functions, and the supporting facilities are different. Luxury yachts are symbols of luxury and rights.
The future market of China's yacht industry is promising, revealing the birthplace of Qingdao's million class yachts.
Recently, a newspaper reporter visited Qingdao Mazerun yacht production and assembly base, into these tens of millions of luxury yachts "birthplace".
From Qingdao, we drove 70 kilometers to our destination plant. The four-storey blue factory building stands on the coast of Jimo City, and in terms of appearance, it's really unexpected that this is the luxury yacht workshop.
Opening the blue gate, more than a dozen designers are around the drawings, computer graphics, Chinese, English, German mixed flow. According to the staff, Frank Neubelt, the design director of the factory, is a German. He has designed luxury yachts for millionaires in many countries. He is well known in the industry.
The workshop is divided into design room, mold production room, greenhouse, assembly room, woodworking room, equipment and machinery warehouse, etc. In the workshop, almost everyone wears white clothes except the designers. Dong Anguo, the production manager, explained that the staff were wearing special protective clothing, one to protect the staff, and the other to reduce the scratches on the yacht.
Yachting is not about planting flowers and grass. Why should we set up greenhouse? Dong Anguo said, because Qingdao winter and spring temperature is low, indoor must maintain a certain temperature to ensure the craft standards of yacht production.
Dong Anguo said that compared with the maturity of foreign industry chain, the domestic yacht industry is still in its infancy. Ninety-five percent of the fittings of a yacht depend on imports. Engines, generators, floors, handrails, closets and even stereos are tailored. A luxury yacht takes at least 7-8 months and consumes 13 thousand hours of labor. More industry information can be found in China Yacht Industry Market Research Report.