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The market prospect of stainless steel parts manufacturers is very good.
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The market prospect of stainless steel parts manufacturers is very good.
Now society is an era of information explosion. It is unavoidable for enterprises to encounter competitors in their products. With competition, enterprises improve product quality, improve service quality, and consumers get better or more consumption and services with less money.
The market is a "screen", the industry in the development and progress at the same time, the market is also the survival of the fittest enterprises in the industry. For some competitive large enterprises, through competition, the scale of enterprises becomes larger and larger, and the popularity becomes higher and higher. But for some small and medium-sized enterprises which are not competitive, they may face the risk of merger or bankruptcy.
With the rapid development of the stainless steel pipe fittings market in China, the application and R&D of its core production technology will become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry.
It is understood that at present, there are about 3000 stainless steel pipe fittings, valve manufacturers, the number of the world's first. But most of them are low-level, small-scale, family-style enterprises, annual sales revenue of 5 million yuan less than 500 enterprises, annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan of enterprises only a dozen, market share in the top 10 enterprises in the total market share of only 8% - 9%. Due to the low degree of industrial concentration, resulting in backward technology, low-cost competition, the lack of influential brands and many other unfavorable factors, making such a huge market in China's pipe pump and valve has not yet been a real name brand.
Thin-walled stainless steel pipe is the best material for water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, desalination and other water industries. Construction industry: China will accelerate the process of urbanization, the development of Western and state-led housing projects, will drive the growth of demand for stainless steel industry. Thin-walled stainless steel pipes were first used in China in 2000. The industry standard was issued in 2001, but it was not used on a large scale at the beginning of popularization. However, in recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, thin-walled stainless steel pipes have attracted more and more attention for their advantages of safety, reliability, sanitation, environmental protection and economic application. At present in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places have a professional manufacturer, and is used in drinking water systems, hot water systems, heating systems.