​​​​​Technical knowledge

  • 15 2018-09

    The district leadership line to our investigation

    On 13 October morning District line leading to our research and attended our sample exhibition hall, CNC machining center and NC machining workshop, and our main products: yachts, boats and engines and other various types of watercraft fittings, we to me our future development direction give full af......

  • 15 2018-09

    New star ship exhibition information

    Our invited to 2018.11.13-11.15 in in Amsterdam RAI (RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands held 2015MARINE equipment trade show (referred to as: Mets exhibition, the number is 05-568.
    Scope: marine hardware, building hardware, yachts and marine hardware accessories, machinery and hardware, medical acces......

  • 15 2018-09

    Weight calculation formula of stainless steel profile

    Stainless steel profile calculation formula (Foshan ample stainless steel for you):

    Round weight (kg) =0.00617 * diameter * diameter * length

    The steel weight (kg) =0.00785 * * width * length width

    Six angle weight (kg) of =0.0068 * * * width width to length

    Weight (kg) =0.0065 * width *......

  • 15 2018-09

    Buy melamine tableware to recognize the signs of "QS"

    Bowl is our daily life must be in contact with the vessel, but very few people thought that such a day we can not do without the items, and sometimes not safe. A dark red recently, Shandong Jinan people online shopping of high imitation porcelain bowl, will cook porridge Sheng into the bowl, white p......

  • 15 2018-09

    Technological characteristics of stainless steel precision casting

    The mechanical property of stainless steel precision casting is higher than that of cast iron, but its casting property is worse than that of cast iron. Because of the high melting point of stainless steel precision casting, the steel liquid is easy to oxidize, molten steel flow is poor, the shrinka......

  • 15 2018-09

    China's yacht industry is optimistic about the future market.

    Yacht supporting facilities are generally customized according to the needs of the yacht owners, especially small and medium-sized yachts, and commonly referred to as the yacht supporting facilities are generally designed with the function of the yacht supporting facilities. Yachts vary according to......

  • 15 2018-09

    The great leap forward of China's yachting industry

    From April 14 to 17, the 16th China International Ship and its Technical Equipment Exhibition and the 2011 China (Shanghai) International Yacht Exhibition, the largest and longest-held leisure boat event in Asia, were held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
    According to the organizers, there will b......

  • 15 2018-09

    China's yacht industry presents five major trends

    Reporter Zheng Jianling) At the China (Shanghai) International Yacht Show Industry Summit held in Shanghai at the end of last year, more than 20 well-known yacht industry giants and industry experts at home and abroad, including Faraday, Sanske, Bonado, Jiahao Yacht, Hongshuangxi, Blue Sea Yacht, Ha......