​​​​​Technical knowledge

  • 15 2018-09

    Manufacturing technology of steel castings

    1, casting steel production technology

    For strength, ductility and toughness requests for higher mechanical parts, steel castings are required. The yield of cast steel is inferior to that of the cast iron, which accounts for 15% of the total output of the casting.

    1, comply with the chemical c......

  • 15 2018-09

    Technological characteristics of stainless steel precision casting

    The mechanical property of stainless steel precision casting is higher than that of cast iron, but its casting property is worse than that of cast iron. Because of the high melting point of stainless steel precision casting, the steel liquid is easy to oxidize, molten steel flow is poor, the shrinka......

  • 15 2018-09

    Analysis of the advantages of stainless steel precision casting

    Stainless steel casting is known as investment casting precision casting or precision casting, is a kind of less cutting or no cutting casting process, casting industry is an excellent technology, its application is very wide. Stainless steel casting the biggest advantage is due to the investment ca......

  • 15 2018-09

    Stainless steel threaded pipe fittings are not really not rusty

    304 stainless steel is American standard names, SUS304 is called in Japan, the Chinese habit of the elements directly call out, so accustomed to the Chinese call: 0Cr18Ni9.

    Stainless steel rust is the mechanism of the formation of a dense alloy alloy oxide film, cut off contact with oxygen to pre......

  • 15 2018-09

    The kitchen things chopsticks best half retired"

    To focus on the two health details that are easily overlooked in the kitchen.

    Chopsticks can be said to be the most important Chinese tableware, many people in the use of chopsticks are more than a year or more. The expert reminds, chopsticks also have life, ordinary chopsticks, use more than hal......

  • 15 2018-09

    Buy melamine tableware to recognize the signs of "QS"

    Bowl is our daily life must be in contact with the vessel, but very few people thought that such a day we can not do without the items, and sometimes not safe. A dark red recently, Shandong Jinan people online shopping of high imitation porcelain bowl, will cook porridge Sheng into the bowl, white p......

  • 15 2018-09

    Weight calculation formula of stainless steel profile

    Stainless steel profile calculation formula (Foshan ample stainless steel for you):

    Round weight (kg) =0.00617 * diameter * diameter * length

    The steel weight (kg) =0.00785 * * width * length width

    Six angle weight (kg) of =0.0068 * * * width width to length

    Weight (kg) =0.0065 * width *......

  • 15 2018-09

    The classification of stainless steel

    Mainly divided into equilateral equilateral equilateral two categories, which can be divided into square steel standard specification for length and size of the thick edge said. At present, the domestic specifications for 150mm - 3mm*20m.

    Import and export orders to use commonly required specific......